Counselling Fees


The initial consultation appointment at Possibilities is an opportunity for you to confidentially discuss your concerns and to find out how we can help you tackle them effectively.


Payment of session fees is made to the therapist at the initial meeting by cash or cheque. We do not yet have a credit card reader. You can pay for further sessions by cash, cheque or direct bank payment.


Initial Consultation Appointment: 50 minutes.


There is a reduced fee of £50 for the initial consultation meeting.

£ 50.00


Individual Counselling, CBT or Psychotherapy Session.


At the end of the initial consultation meeting which lasts up to 50 minutes, if further meeting are agreed, then the fee for individual therapy sessions is worked out with you.


A set fee is agreed for all subsequent (50 minute) therapy sessions. Where you fall on the sliding scale from £60 to £110 will depend on your financial circumstances and what is a fair fee for you and for the therapist. The therapist will discuss this with you at the end of the first meeting.

£ 60.00 to 

£ 110.00


Couples Counselling, Relationship Therapy and Marriage Counselling.

The fee for couples counselling is the same as for individual counselling. The duration of each couples counselling meeting is up to 50 minutes. See above for more details.

£ 60.00 to £ 110.00


Supervision and Consultations to Professionals.


We also provide therapy supervision and consultations to psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors. The fee for this is £110 per session or as arranged with the consultant.

£ 110.00